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post pregnant weight loss genetix
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Its as easy as one phone call each
day to keep the weight away!
Say good bye to the pregnancy weight and hello to
the new stunning you! Genetix Program pairs you
with a real person who is there for you every day
and every step of the way.
The food you eat is normal all natural food, no pills, powders or gimmicks,
just call your assigned coach each day and get the support and motivation
you need to make a lasting change in your life.
get your $75 voucher today!
Lose up to 25 lbs* by the holidays
success client lori genetix story
My Success Story

"I have struggled with weight my whole adult life and especially struggled losing weight after two
pregnancies... In the first 30 days I lost more than 10 pounds, which helped me stay motivated,
and in 4 months I lost a total of 31 pounds putting me exactly at the weight I was before any
of my pregnancies."
- Lori W.
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