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It May Be Simple, But Is It Safe?

How much do you know about the processed and preserved foods you are eating

Let’s be honest, in the world we live in today processed foods may not be the most ideal, but they sure are realistic. When do Americans have time to prepare meals from fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats? Could this be the leading cause as to why we are such an obese nation? More junk food and less fruits and veggies can put you on a fast track to gaining weight. Processed foods tend to have higher sodium in order to preserve the food and make it last. Salt (sodium) is a number one contributor to cholesterol and heart problems, so are processed foods safe?

According to the International Food Information Council Foundation “processed foods” have been the subject of growing negative perceptions in terms of their nutritional value and impact on health, as well as their safety. However, there are many safe, high-quality, and nutritious processed foods, and in many cases, processing can help make our food safer and more nutritious.

Here at the Genetix Program

We know how hard it can be to always have a meal made of fresh food. We feel that if you have a balance of fresh food and the occasional processed foods for convenience then you can still lead a healthy life and lose weight. Bottom line, processed foods aren’t the worst thing in the world for you, but we should definitely practice eating them in moderation and incorporating a healthy lifestyle with exercise and fresh fruits and veggies to balance out those
occasional processed foods in our diets.

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