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Rachel Eisner
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VP of Operations| Florida, USA
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Growing up, I've always been into health and nutrition, but never had a deep understanding on it until attending The National Personal Training Institute, where I received an extensive education and certification in both Personal Training and Nutritional Science. I went on to do both weight loss and nutrition consultation as well as physical training both independently and co-dependently, with all positive results for clients.

Genetix Program follows the exact way I would have my clients eat, as it follows the nutrition any person should have to be healthy and fit. I currently counsel clients all over the United States and Canada and I'm happy to be part of the program as a counselor.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is simply that I want to help people to understand that this isn't a "diet," but it is a nutritionally balanced way of life.
I absolutely will not "yell" at you for slip-ups, as we are all human, but I am always happy to work with you to help account for and correct the behavior so by the time a person leaves the program, they will be able to have that kind of accountability by his or herself.
I find it important to teach a person not just how to eat healthily, but also WHY they are eating a particular way, and ways to help curb the cravings that occur.

As a counselor, I offer guidance and compassion, friendship, and education. As a personal trainer, I love being able to share my enthusiasm for working out and exercise if a client asks for any advice in that area. My ultimate goal is to work with YOU to get you to YOUR ultimate goal.
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