Sleep for weight loss

Aug 18th, 2014No Comments

sleep for tampa weight loss

Are you snacking more and sleeping less?

People who get less sleep are more likely to be overweight. A new study may explain why. Researchers studied women and men who slept less than 5 hours a night, and found these individuals consumed 220 more calories from snacks throughout the day, than when they slept for at least 8 hours.

What to do? Get more sleep :) And most importantly, keep high-calorie, high-carb snacks like chips, pretzels, muffins, cookies and candy out of reach.

Boy George Shows Off Dramatic Weight Loss

Feb 19th, 2013No Comments

weight loss boy george genetix programBoy George recently took the Twitterverse by storm by posting a picture of his new dramatic weight loss on Twitter.

The 51-year old karma chameleon singer tweeted “Rock n roll Sunday,” and shared a picture with his fans that showed off a much thinner body. The British star turned back the clock to the height of his fame in the 1980s, as compared to how we’ve seen him in the last few years.

The singer credits his new slim body to “eating right and exercise”. The Culture Club singer has also been documenting his new healthy lifestyle, including his fondness for exercise and a recent healthy breakfast:

“Mmm, porridge with cherries & a dash of cinnamon! Cook the cherries with the porridge! Bloody gorgeous!” he tweeted on Feb. 8.

The singer also seemed quite pleased that news of his weight loss was buzzing online, as he tweeted, “I love that the size of my ass is trending worldwide!”

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