Thanks to PATTI F. for her testimonial about her success

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Thanks to PATTI F. for her testimonial about her success in sticking to a gluten-free diet with the help of her coach, MONICA FLANNERY. Keep up the great work, Patti!

Full testimonial:

Who Would Have Thunk It? Not me!

I pretended I didn’t know it, but it kept gnawing at me. My brother and sister-in-law were really getting into the book Wheat Belly. I had seen it earlier at the bookstore and ran from it. I knew lurking in those pages was what I needed to hear, but I just couldn’t bear to take the action required. I laid aside my bagel and got the book. After reading the first chapter I knew I could be the poster child for it. But how could I do this? Bread and grains were my life. This would take a major overhaul physically and mentally.

Okay. I’ll try it just for a month. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Tired of the yo-yo dieting all of my life. Sick of the cravings and over eating that led to shameful weight gain. Luckily, I was offered a hand by a woman I found on Facebook who had some very interesting ideas with the research to back them up, Coach Monica. She said she’d be right there with me every day, and she has been.

Shockingly, it’s been a month today. No gluten for a month. I can’t believe I made it. The best part is I’m down 14 pounds, feeling so energized, and sleeping more soundly than I have for years. Every day I weigh myself and text Coach Monica with my weight and how I have been feeling that day. I add any other insight I may have as well as things I am learning along the way. She has become my greatest cheerleader and dispenses her wisdom by phone or in her blog with new things to try such as stretching moves or a new recipe. I truly couldn’t have gone down this path without her.

At first I didn’t like the idea of weighing myself every day. I sometimes give too much power to the scale. However, with Coach Monica right there with me, I learned to see that I just had to analyze what could have caused that loss or that gain. Sometimes weight just fluctuates during the week or maybe I had too many nuts or had to watch my portions a bit more carefully the next day. Daily weighing and reporting the weight also holds me accountable for what I am putting in my mouth each day.An amazing surprise was that after a few days of first starting this gluten-free journey, I realized I didn’t have the “I’m going to eat my arm” cravings I had been experiencing for quite some time right before lunch or dinner. These would usually lead me to grab whatever was available or to the nearest drive-thru or convenience store for a quick fix. I now felt hunger, but it was a manageable hunger. Knowing I was going to eat my next meal soon was enough.

My secrets to my success so far are not really secrets. I plan out my weekly menu so that I know what I’m having for each meal, so I am prepared. I cook and prepare many of my meals on Sundays, so that I have meals ready, especially for lunches. Being a plant-based eater already, meals are a little challenging to be gluten-free as well, but with Coach’s recipes and my favorite The Happy Herbivore Cookbooks, I have been making spectacular meals and loving them. I have replaced bread with iceberg lettuce leaves and find these wraps so delicious! I start out the day with a berry and greens smoothie with Raw Vegan protein powder that gives me quite a boost of energy to start my day. I carry a baggie filled with seeds, nuts, and dark chocolate chips in case I need a little snack, especially on the way home from work. This helps me to be able to not be so hungry that I can get my healthy dinner prepared and not reach for something easy but unhealthy. I increased my water drinking. I now cannot live without water by my side. I no longer want any other liquid. If at night I am wanting something sweet (a habit started long ago) I am satisfied with a small cube of dark chocolate. Last, but not least, I touch base with Coach Monica daily. It so helps knowing I am not alone in this. She always responds with loving and caring support.

It sounds so cliché, but if I can go gluten-free anyone can do it. My bread eating was not just for the enjoyment of eating the breads but also an emotional reminder of good times in the past. Coach Monica is helping me see that bread does not have to be the connection to my past, present, and future memories. I don’t need bread to feel fulfilled physically and mentally. Learning about what it does to the body is incredible. Learning what I can do for my body now is even more incredible.

I said I would try it for a month. I did it. Still so hard to believe, but I did it and reaped so many rewards. Here’s to my next month!

Patti F.
Sewell, NJ

Author: Stephanie West

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