The Importance of Corporate Wellness Programs

importance of corporate wellness programs genetixAccording to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the top 5 health-related problems that are addressed by corporate wellness programs are:

  1. 59% of employees do not get adequate exercise
  2. 50% or more have high cholesterol
  3. 27% have cardiovascular disease
  4. 26% are overweight by 20 percent or more
  5. 24% have high blood pressure

By addressing these problems, a robust corporate wellness program can have a profound effect on both the physical and financial wellness of a company. Here are the top 5 reasons to implement a robust wellness program:

1.     Healthy employees are more productive

Employers report up to an 18% increase in productivity after the implementation of a robust wellness program.

2.      Healthy employees have a much lower rate of absenteeism

U.S. labor statistics report that women who are 20 pounds overweight will miss 4 to 12 times as much work. This is costing the company in lost production, temporary replacements, as well as the related health care costs.

3.     Healthy employees have lower instances of workers compensation claims

U.S. labor statistics show that the majority of comp claims come from people who are overweight. There is also a correlation between comp claims and smoking.

4.     Companies with healthier employees have lower employee turnover rates

A survey of Human Resource professionals revealed that companies with robust corporate wellness programs have only 2/3rd’s as many employee replacements annually.

5.     Wellness programs protect companies from escalating health care cost

Companies with a healthy employee base can see healthcare premiums that run as much as 30% below the average.

What is a robust corporate wellness program?

Let’s start with what it is not. Corporate wellness is not a gym membership. It is not a discount on boxed food. And it is not a seminar series or even a weight loss program.

It is a system used by an employer to foster a culture of health among the work force with the goals of improving quality of life for their employees, reducing the burden of insurance premiums, reducing illness among the work force, and with that reducing the cost of absenteeism, and inversely improving presenteeism, or the fostering of productive engaged employees.   Simply put, it is a risk management system used to benefit employers financially by benefiting their employee’s health and quality of life.

A corporate wellness system includes: consulting, data collection, internal marketing, intervention, implementation, and data review. Everything else is a tool of the system—a piece of the system. Some work well, some don’t.

To learn more about corporate wellness solutions feel free to email me or download our corporate wellness report.

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Author: Craig Long

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