The Silver Lining to Fall Allergy Season

Woman sneezing with allergiesIt’s that time of year… The transition from 85° to 60°, (Or less. Sorry to those of you not in the south!) from bathing suits to sweaters, from pools to fireplaces…and from the lovely summer air to DUN DUN DUNNNNNN… ALLERGIES!

Not much is worse than all the sneezing, the stuffy noses, the itching and watery eyes. So then why, you must be wondering, am I writing about such a miserable thing? Well, there happens to be a silver lining.

Studies have shown that sense of smell has a DIRECT effect on appetite. That is, smell has an intimate relation to taste. So then, the greater a pleasant smell is, the stronger the signals to your brain, which increases your appetite, making you more likely to eat.

What happens if your sense of smell is temporarily shut down, then? You’re much less likely to be charmed by the wonderful aromas around you, and you have a better shot at staying away from the cakes, the cookies, or any other tempting treats whose aroma normally traps you long before you succumb.

So, while I don’t mean to downplay the unpleasantness of your allergies, at least as far as keeping your appetite in check goes, you actually have a fighting chance of battling the extra-caloric temptations.

Here’s a tissue, and happy Autumn!

Author: Rachel Eisner

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