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Tina McMurray
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Counselor | Iowa, USA
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Award Winner
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June 2012

Outstanding Achiever
May 2013

Exercise has always been a large part of Tina's life. Her mother was a dance instructor and started her in dance at the age of two. She has continued her passion for dancing by opening two dance studios and training hundreds of dancers including many that have gone on to study, teach and perform after graduating high school.

Tina always thought she understood healthy eating and dieting. In fact, she was successful on Atkins, Suzanne Somers, fasting, and Weight Watchers. When she joined Genetix with her friend, she successfully dieted and lost 63 pounds. This led Tina to want to help others that struggle with weight loss like she did.

She has maintained her weight loss for three years and asked to be trained as a Genetix Counselor. Tina's knowledge of exercise, movement, how and why other diets don't work, and the stumbling blocks that prevent clients from overcoming behaviors helps her to motivate her clients in a unique way.

My Philosophy

My purpose for becoming a counselor is to help as many people as possible feel as good as I do. My goal is to find each client's weakness and help them learn to change that behavior in order to be successful with their weight loss. There are many hills and valleys to weight loss and I value the chance to experience each one with my clients.
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Client Testimonial
I feel very fortunate to have Tina as my nutritional coach. Since starting the program on
5/7 I have lost 15 pounds. I have rough days, but talking to Tina everyday really helps. She strikes a good balance between being encouraging and being tougher when I need her to. The daily weigh in and call to Tina is truly what is working for me. I have broken my goals into segments. I am now 9 pounds away from my first goal. I know I can make it there with Tina's help.
- Janine Griggs
After two weeks on the program, with Tina's help, I've lost 11 pounds, but the best part is I feel more like me again! My energy level is back, my skin looks so much better, my thoughts are clearer and my confidence is coming back. My journey to healthy is not over yet, but I now feel like this is now a mountain I can climb. Thank you Tina!
- Jennifer Such
Client Testimonials
Karen McArthur success story
Since starting the program on May 7 I have lost 22 lbs and have gone from a size 14 to a size 8. I feel amazing, I have more energy and more confidence. I even wore a bathing suit for the first time yesterday without feeling self conscious! Speaking with Tina every day has been the key. Her encouragement and advice are what keep me on track. I have had to make the occasional call of shame but Tina knows just what to say to keep me motivated. I highly recommend Tina and the GX program!
- Karen McArthur

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