Trick could reduce breast cancer risk 30 percent

reduce breast cancer risksReduce your breast cancer risk by 30 percent with this one trick.

As I sat at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game watching them lose as usual I began paying more attention to all the goings on in the stadium about breast cancer awareness. As you probably know this is breast cancer awareness month and the Buccaneers were doing their part to raise that awareness. There were signs, t-shirts, banners and a great halftime show where they filled the field with breast cancer survivors and a giant pink ribbon that went from sideline to sideline. Great cancer treatment centers like Florida Cancer Specialists (my doctors) and Moffitt Cancer Center were the main sponsors of the day. These two centers have done amazing work to improve and extend the lives of breast cancer survivors and I wanted to give them credit for all they do. So thank you to Florida Cancer Specialists, Moffitt Cancer Center and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their efforts.

As the Head of Corporate Wellness at Genetix Program, I am fully aware of the statistics on cancer and some of its primary contributing factors; we as a company work hard to help people alleviate as many risks as possible by managing weight and improving daily nutrition through education and accountability. While there are great companies like Moffitt and Florida Cancer Specialists treating breast cancer, there are not many companies like ours actively reducing the risk.

I would like to point out one of the main contributing factors to most cancers and specifically to breast cancer. In a word it is OBESITY. In truth, every extra pound of fat on your body increases not only your cancer risks but also your ability to fight and recover from cancer.

“Obesity has been linked to poor outcomes in women with early breast cancer.1–3 A meta-analysis of 43 studies examining the relationship between weight at the time of breast cancer diagnosis and prognosis in women with early-stage breast cancer demonstrated a 33% increase in the risk of breast cancer–related and overall mortality in obese versus non-obese women”

-Journal of Clinical Oncology-

So what do we do about this? Pop some pills, put some secret powder on our food or eat glorified TV dinners from a box? Of course not, fads are short term solutions to serious long term problems. The answer is much easier than most people think. Natural weight loss through regular wellness coaching via phone calls has been proven to promote long term sustainable weight loss and has shown a statistically significant reduction in the occurrence of breast cancer. Over 30% lower.

So that’s the trick, make a call, lose some weight, beat cancer.

Craig A Long
Head of Corporate Wellness
Genetix Program LLC

Author: Craig Long

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