Triple trouble for your heart…goodbye trans fats!

Say Goodbye to Trans FatsSay goodbye to “partially hydrogenated oils”, better known as trans fats or trans fatty acids!

Cakes, pies, cookies, mixes, icings, fried foods, frozen appetizers, and even microwave popcorn can contain them!

Trans fats were once thought to be a better alternative to saturated fats. They give food a longer shelf life and help to prevent some foods from melting, but scientists now believe that they may prove to be the worst type of fat. Trans fats can not only increase the risk of heart blockage, but may also contribute to increased possibility of stroke, and heart disease.

Here are some of the reasons why:

The combination of all of the above can cause damage to cell-lining blood vessels; therefore, can also cause increased inflammation. It can also lead to heart disease and strokes.

The good news is that foods now contain less and less trans fats! (FYI: manufacturers can label a food as zero if it contains less than .5mg trans fats)

Here at Genetix Program, we are proud to offer our clients continuing education for weight loss and wellness. The nutritional products we recommend—and the products we are proud to offer—are products without trans fats.

Avoiding trans fats is a good beginning to improved health and wellness. Try substituting better choices. Good fats are in many different foods.

Some of these better choices are:

Taking these little steps, and using this knowledge by carefully reading food labels, you will already be on the path to better health and longevity!

Your Genetix Program coach can teach you how to make healthy lifestyle choices and will walk with you every step of the way to lose weight naturally and keep it off long-term. Sign up here!

Author: R. Terry Raphael

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