Unavoidable Halloween Candy. How to Handle It.

Halloween candy. How to avoidHalloween candy was that highly treasured and desired reason that you went trick-or-treating as a child (and, potentially, as a teenager, too).

If you are an adult now you likely have hung up your trick or treating costume. If you still celebrate Halloween as an adult, you probably throw or attend Halloween parties, at which you once again have to face that age-old temptation of whether to binge on Halloween candy or not.

Since many people find it challenging to simply rely on self-control when it comes to eating Halloween candy in moderation, you may need some pointers on how to avoid eating too much Halloween candy.

Eat in the Company of Others

Simply surround yourself with other people if you want to avoid binging on Halloween candy. Because of the psychological characteristic of self-consciousness, being in a group of people will cause you to be more conscious of what and how much food you are eating. You are more prone to overeating when you are by yourself, but with other persons around you, you are held accountable publicly. If you happen to converse with those people around you that will work additionally to limit the frequency that you put Halloween candy in your mouth. So eating while people are around you is a super-easy and effective means of keeping yourself from binging on Halloween candy.

Give The Candy Away!

Another way to avoid binging on Halloween candy is to just give away a significant portion of your share. If you happen to throw a party and have quite a bit of candy left over, make sure you give it away to others, such as trick-or-treaters or guests departing for the night. Perhaps you have nieces or nephews whom you could surprise with an additional treat, bring it to a children’s mission home or even to a local grade school to use for treats.

Drink Water!

Another great way to guard against binging on Halloween candy is to ensure that you fill yourself up. Drinking water means that you will simultaneously hold a cup to your lips, thereby interrupting the continuous and hypnotic motion of lifting your fingers to your mouth to put in yet another piece of Halloween candy. What is even better is to drink with a straw. Water is always a good choice because it has no calories and is a natural substance.

Happy Halloween!

Author: Laurie Scheitler

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