Weight Loss to Prepare for the Wedding Season

weight loss for wedding season Genetix ProgramSome of you lucky ladies might have been given a beautiful diamond for Christmas. How exciting! You’re over the moon one minute, then the next minute you are in panic mode. You think, “I need to lose weight to look beautiful for my wedding!”

Or maybe you weren’t the one to get engaged this year, but you know that soon the invitations will start rolling in for the spring wedding season. Whatever the inspiration for your weight loss, having a deadline to shoot for can provide the motivation you need to get rid of any extra weight.

So, off to the Internet you go to research “diets”.

Here’s what you find: HCG Diet, Detox Diet, Liquid Diet, Crash Diet, Starvation Diet…Diet Diet Diet!!

Now drop the “T” from the word and you get “DIE”.

The definition of diet = “A temporary solution to weight loss”. And the definition of temporary = “short-lived, short-term, not permanent”—and that is what you will get from any of these unhealthy, unsafe diets.

Now let’s break down a couple of these most-tried diets.

Crash Diet: This is a diet extreme in its nutritional deprivations, typically with a severely restricted calorie intake. It is not meant for long periods of time. YIKES! Doesn’t sound like much fun. In fact, you will be really miserable during what should be a happy time, planning your wedding.

HCG Diet: Named after the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, the HCG diet promotes a super low-calorie diet while getting daily injections of the HCG hormone—none of which is FDA approved! And, not to mention, it is extremely expensive. That is money that could be used toward your wedding.

I could go on and on talking about these “quick-fix” diets, but the best way to take off those extra pounds for your wedding AND keep them off is with a weight-loss program that is healthy, practical, sensible, and addresses long-term success.

Genetix Program is a weight loss and lifestyle program based on behavior modification. What that means is that each person that joins the program is paired with a nutrition Coach that they speak to every single day. No public weigh-ins or meetings.

The food on the program is all-natural food that you buy from your local grocery store. No pre-packed food, pills, injections, or thermogenics. It utilizes all food groups, not cutting out any macro- or micronutrients such as carbs, proteins, or fats. The program is based on the foods that fit your your individual lifestyle. You will never eat foods you don’t like.

On Genetix Program we track everything for you—from your weight to your diet to your stress level (and planning a wedding can be very stressful). You will not be counting points or calories!

So before you say “I do”, say “I will”, and commit to a program that is a proven success system. Start now and skip the hours of internet searching and wasted time with useless diets. I just saved you time that you can now put towards enjoying the wedding season. Congratulations!

Author: Michelle Peters

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