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A healthy employee translates to savings for your company.
Go beyond the norm and
get with the program.
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Your employees' health contributes to your bottom line and your company's growth.
Choosing the best Corporate Wellness solution is vital.
confusing wellness programs What good is a wellness solution when it becomes confusing?

Many other wellness programs are too complicated and, as a result, employee participation wavers.

Genetix Coaches make it fun and easy through daily interaction via simple phone calls.
silly games software Cookie-cutter or automated approaches do not suffice for long-term wellness.

Online games, journals, do-it-yourself tracking software, and other wellness programs put the burden on your employees.

Employees are individuals and their wellness plan should be individual, too.
genetix corporate wellness works Same Coach every day.

Genetix Program pairs your employee with a single Coach. The Coach keeps them engaged and involved DAILY.

Improving the lives of people everywhere through the
power of caring professionals.
Genetix Program Corporate Wellness makes it easy,
flexible, and fun for employees.
weight loss anywhere genetix program Employees only need a phone and a few minutes a day to call from anywhere.
grocery shop weight loss For meals, all that is needed can be found at any local grocery store.
exercise wellness weight loss Exercise is great for wellness. However, it is not required for Genetix Program to be effective.
healthy eating habits workers From the start, your employees will see how easy it is to participate in Genetix Program.
A team of professionals there for you
every step of the way.
medical doctor staff health Medical Doctors
phone coach genetix wellness Wellness Coaches
registered nurse employee diets Registered Nurses
mental health cares pecialist diet Mental Health Specialists
personal trainer corporate wellness Personal Trainers
dietitcan health coach genetix Dietitians & Nutritionists
Each employee works with one Coach who, in turn, works
with our team of health and wellness experts. No other program is more proven, more flexible, or more effective than Genetix Program. Request more information today!
begin your corporate wellness today

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