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You put it on naturally,
we'll help you take
it off naturally.

Ever wanted a 'real' health expert to turn to for advice? You'll have an expert guide you everyday through a simple phone call on the Genetix Program.
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fast weight loss | support | gx program | genetix program | geneticsEach person is different, thats why it is essential to have expert advice and experience on your side.

Our health experts are highly trained and offer unequaled knowledge, so you'll always be confident about your progress.
education | how to lose | weight fast | genetix program | healthy dietOn the Genetix Program you'll eat
all natural food you can get from your local grocery store.

We'll educate you on the secrets of how to approach to a healthy diet everyday so you can eat to live, not live to eat.
weight loss | motivation | genetix program | genetix | genetics | how to lose weightIt's all about the goal and getting there requires constant motivation.

Some days may be easier than others, this is why it is crucial to have someone to motivate you everyday. We will always be here to motivate you from day one.
"Telephone coaching weight loss
program as effective as
in-person coaching"

The Genetix Program has been helping people lose weight
by telephone for nearly a decade, now a recent report by the
American Heart Association (AHA) confirms telephone weight loss
to be the "wave of the future."

What makes the Genetix Program different from any other programs out there is that every component of our methods have been extensively researched. Since the entire program was built by actual medical doctors, the program benefits from being medically safe while being simple enough to offer over the phone.

The AHA report of telephone coaching states that "the success in keeping off weight could be due to the active involvement of primary care physicians who encouraged their patients at routinely scheduled visits to stick with their weight loss program even when it was difficult."

This is also true with the Genetix Program where our doctors work directly
with your Counselor daily on your progress and by speaking with your
Counselor everyday, you can form a clear understanding of your progress
as well as stay in close communication with experts who are here to guide
you every step of the way.
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It works from anywhere!

No matter if you're at home, at work, or on the road. You can lose weight fast with the
Genetix Program from anywhere, all through the ease of a daily phone call.
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Our research = Your success

The success rate of the Genetix Program is over 95%. We are so successful at helping people lose weight because our program is built on years of research and was founded by medical doctors.
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