Women gain more weight eating bread

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women eat bread gain weight

It’s the age old question that most woman are dying to find the answer to…. does bread really make you fat?

More women it seems are choosing to reduce consuming bread in their daily diet, with a number steering clear of these carbs. New research has found that in fact 43 per cent of woman avoid eating bread when trying to lose weight, 20 per cent feel guilty when they eat bread, while more than half of women find the healthy bread category overwhelming and confusing.

On average, women store between five and ten percent more fat than men, even though men consume proportionately more calories. And, although women typically burn more calories than men during physical exercise, they don’t lose as much fat.

This is not a fluke of nature. The ability to store more fat makes sense for women during childbearing age. It has long been assumed that hormones are, at least in part, responsible for fat distribution and fat storage in the human body, which would explain the differences between the sexes.

Overall, completely eliminating bread from your diet as a woman may not be the ideal or long term solution but rather simple moderation may prove to be most effective. Some weight gain should be an acceptable, if not inevitable part of the aging process, it should not be altogether dismissed as harmless. The good news is that your weight can be kept in check by healthy eating habits and regular exercise. Remember, speaking with your Coach about any questions you may have on the topic of eating bread or any other questions is important so you can enjoy healthy, happy progress along your journey.

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