You Don’t Have to Undereat to Achieve Weight Loss!

Under-eating Undermines Weight LossUndereating to speed up weight loss has never worked in the long-term. Deprivation doesn’t lead to lasting change. Eventually you decide the pain isn’t worth it. Or your body takes over to prevent you from “starving” yourself any longer.

You need to find the right mix of calories to feel satisfied and strong—and be patient. It’s not easy. But if you can change your thinking so that you are willing to work, but not willing to suffer, then you can break free of the classic but unsustainable diet mentality. Instead, focus on what you can control, and what is proven to work—keeping your metabolism revved.

Eat enough food
If you eat too little, you can slow down your metabolism. It’s important to find the calorie zone to support your resting metabolism given your age, height, weight, and exercise program. Your Genetix weight loss counselor can help you do just that.

Distribute Your Food
You should eat 5-6 small meals/snacks. Doing this helps keep your blood sugar and appetite levels balanced as well as keeps your metabolism humming along. Snacking does not mean dipping into a bag of chips every time you get the urge. It does mean to keep lots of healthy snacks available, so when you open the refrigerator you have what you need to make the right choices.

Keep cut up or snack-ready fresh vegetables on hand to keep you satiated throughout the day. Carrots are a wonderful option. They are very high in beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant shown to help fight cancer and heart-disease. Buy a bag or two of baby carrots or just slice some into spears. Keep them in a sealed container or plastic bag for up to two weeks. An entire cup of carrots has just 52 calories (plus nearly a day’s worth of vitamin C).

Cut broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers, peppers, and summer squash into bite-size chunks. Whole green or wax beans are all fine options to keep on hand and will stay fresh for at least 3-5 days if stored in an airtight container or bag.

Fruits intended to ripen after picking (tomatoes included) should not be refrigerated at all and are lovely to keep out in the open in a bowl. Consider keeping whole apples, pears, peaches and nectarines within arm’s reach at home or in your office for between-meal snacks.

Try to do strength training each week. Muscle mass is what drives up your metabolism. As you lose weight, you can preserve your muscle mass by doing strength training exercises at least 3 times per week.

Change your lifestyle with the Genetix Program. Our team of doctors, certified counselors/trainers and nutritionists can support you in achieving these goals with behavior modification. You can do it and we can help!

Author: Laurie Scheitler

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